• 2LP : Yellow vinyl, ltd. to 500
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First released on cd on Malignant in 2002 First time ever released on vinyl Limited to 500 copies worldwide Given their separate history as masters of droning atmospherics, and their mutual admiration for each others work, a collaboration seemed only natural.

Now, after years of discussion, Mnemonic Induction has finally materialized on vinyl, resulting (not surprisingly) in one of the greatest, most mind bending works of dark ambient ever.

A 60 plus minute exploration through nebulous, grey areas of the mind.expansive drones and spiraling vortex' of sound that hover near the shadowy, distorted zones of a nightmare before ascending to mountainous heights and dense, billowing climaxes.

This has a remarkable, liquidous feel that unfolds in a fluid, intense nature.patterns converge and meld seamlessly as layers of sound are added and subtracted; thundering lows rise up from the abyss, and spiral into the stratosphere, only to dissipate into a vacuumous black hole.

The effect is something that plays on the mind, recalling moments before complete wakefulness exists.a tattered and restless dream state where images & thoughts flicker and appear from a fog.

Designed by Stephen O'Malley, housed in an attractive gatefold sleeve with thoughtful tekst.

Yen Pox & Troum: Menmonic Induction

Untitled I Yen Pox & Troum
Untitled II Yen Pox & Troum
Untitled III Yen Pox & Troum
Untitled IV Yen Pox & Troum

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