The Sacred Pornography of God

Death & Leisure Death02
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Zov Zov is Oliver Ho's long-running project with Tommy Gillard whose only prior release was a 10" on the now-defunct Avian offshoot Mira. We dive back into the Zov Zov archive with glee on the scraping, gothic and clamorous collection of tracks that is Sacred Pornography of God, a six-track mini album that will delight the more devilish souls out there.

ZOV ZOV: The Sacred Pornography of God

Blood In Blood ZOV ZOV
A Baptism ZOV ZOV
On Bended Knee ZOV ZOV
Your Body Is A Parasite ZOV ZOV
Slayings & Sacrifices ZOV ZOV
Gintas K Slow Baskaru
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You + Your D. Metal Friend Sonnier Alien Transistor
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