Artists — Buke and Gase

Buke And Gase are Arone Dyer on the "buke" and Aron Sanchez on the "gase". Both of them play double duty, also mobilizing a small army of foot percussion. These instruments are then filtered through various pedals, amplifiers and homemade inventions to create a surprisingly complex sound. Dyer's supermelodic vocal lines weave through the beautiful yet unwieldy musical matter, balancing light and dark, calamity and control. Their musical multi-tasking makes for live shows that are visually unexpected and sonically explosive. Arone Dyer studied piano and percussion, has been carpenter, landscaper, cabinetmaker, article writer and bike racer. She has traveled extensively for bike related work to places like Ghana, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Arone builds most of what she needs but doesn't..