Artists — Conjoint

A four-way web of musical influences and heritage, each of the Conjoint quartet bring their own distinctive flavour to the project that is then incorporated and enhanced by the overarching sonic diktats which govern the project. Forming the creative backbone of the Conjoint operation is co-founder and Heidelberg based jazz musician Gunter Ruit Kraus - chief composer on 'A Few Empty Chairs', the album released on Büro, and a renowned guitar player who was worked alongside the likes of Chaka Khan, Peter Brötzmann, Allen Blairman, and Fritz Krisse. Last but not least is David Moufang - otherwise known as Move D - whose Source recordings was the initial catalyst behind the Conjoint project. A full-on techno legend, Move D's work for Source, Warp and Fax have become key documents in the..

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