Artists — Couch

Music without singing and solos. That's how Couch labelled themselves on their first album. Music made by guitar, bass guitar and drums. Founded in Munich. Released on the Weilheim-based label Kollaps. That was in 1995. At dawn of postrock and indietronics. And maybe Couch also took a short glance to Chicago, listening to Shellac or Tortoise. But actually the band has taken their seats in their very own living room a long time ago. A place where the paradigms postrock, jazz or electronica were written on the walls only by visitors. By music critics, for instance.

Music without singing and solos. Reduced to the maximum. Despite of all force that the songs of Couch develop, their music is minimal music in its best sense. Purified structures, maybe hymnal but never opulent...

Couch Figur 5 Morr Music
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