Artists — Kreidler

Early in 1994 Kreidler was founded by Thomas Klein, Andreas Reihse, Detlef Weinrich and Stefan Schneider on bass guitar who was to leave Kreidler some years later in order to form To Rococo Rot; his place was taken by Alex Paulick (now of Coloma) up until 2001.
Kreidler's album Riva was released 1994 on a small Parisian label. This was to be the first of 16 releases to date, with the latest Eve Future Recall (2004). Followed by the score for the movie Durchfahrtsland in 2006.
Among the artists to have been remixed by Kreidler are such venerable names as Faust, Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, Depeche Mode, and Appliance. Their musical collaborations include Add (N) to X, Young Gods, Momus, Leo Garcia, Theo Altenberg, Pyrolator, or Chicks on Speed.
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