Artists — Limp

March 2002:
Formed in Denmark in 1992 as the hardcore band Paragons Of Virtue, Limp, being renamed in the late 90s, still exists in its original line up of Jonas Munk (aka Manual, born 1981), Jakob Skott (aka Syntaks, born in 1980) and Jess Kahr (born 1980) with the addition of Rasmus Rasmussen (aka Aerosol, born 1980) who joined the group in 2001. The group made a radical stylistic transition reminiscent of bands like Slowdive or My Bloody Valentine, especially considering their young age. 2002's “Orion” on Morr Music being their first ever release. The complex and subtle music, mainly compositions by Munk, gets an arrangement in a band context, being electronically treated in the post production, also mainly by Munk.

Limp Orion Morr Music
EP: €5,99
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