Artists — Max Rouen

For those who like to read, we salute you... I don't know how far this story can go back but I think it would take me to my childhood. I used to be very intriged by music, especially the sound of it. I still can recall an image of me recording a song on tape and then playing it back together with the original record, almost simultanious, this gave a very strange effect, which, as I learnt later, was called phasing. I also "discovered" the doppler-effect by putting a speaker on my recordplayer ( don't try this at home!). And multitracking, by recording first on the left and then on the right channel of a tapedeck. I also was nearly obsessed with reel to reel tape-recorders. Just watching them roll has the same effect on me as a fireplace to someone else. Or am I getting too romantic here?..