Artists — Opiate

April 2003:
Thomas Knak aka Opiate is one of the most acclaimed artists coming from Denmark. Since the early days of the 90's, Thomas has been a key figure in the electronic music-field, wether compiling the ”Boredom is deep and mysterious”series with Anders Remmer (Dub Tractor) for April Records, working within Future 3, System, being 1/2 of James Bong or solo as Opiate, his musical contribution is very significant and central in establishing one of the more minimal sounds of Denmark and Scandinavia. Thomas Knak is no stranger to other art related scenes such as modern dance or visual-art, and has been been producing music for both.

In the early begining of the 90's Thomas started shaping his style and sound as an DJ, establishing himself as one of the first to..

Opiate Sometimes Ep Morr Music
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