Artists — Sylvain Chauveau

Sylvain Chauveau has made solo records on labels such as Type, FatCat, Nature Bliss, and Les Disques du Soleil et de l'Acier: minimal compositions for piano, strings, wind instruments, electronics, and sometimes voice.
He’s performed worldwide (Europe, America, Asia). He toured with Sigur Ros (2002, 2003), played with Fennesz, Bernhard Günter, Phil Durrant, Nikos Veliotis, Pierre-Yves Macé, and did remixes for several artists.
He runs the label Onement , whose aim is to release one-off, one-copy vinyl records.
He composed a piece whose duration is seven years ("Composition 11"), with very long silences inside (sometimes several months). He's made soundtracks for films by Sébastien Betbeder (including "Nuage", long feature film, 2007). He also did the original..

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