Artists — The Year Of

Spring 2006:
Bernhard Fleischmann (drums, electronics, piano) played the piano very early, afterwards the drums and later he worked with digital sounds. Since “Pop Loops for Breakfast” (1999) he released electronic and generically related music on Morr Music, last of all “The Humbucking Coil” (2006).

Christof Kurzmann (voice, woodwind instruments) played - among others - in the “Orchester 33 1/3” or the “Extended Versions”. He drafted tracks and remixes for Patrick Pulsinger or “Tied & Tickled Trio”, curated festivals and art sessions and is running the label “Charhizma”.

Burkhard Stangl (vibraphone, guitar) produced and composed sounds between contemporary music and electronic, opera and noise. Actual record: “Early Noise”..

The Year Of Slow Days Morr Music
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