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Some years may have passed since Bruce Adams and Joel Leoschke started KRANKY RECORDS with Labradford's "Präzision" in 1993, but there is no doubt that the Chicago based label is still one of the first adresses when it comes to experimental electronic music, ambient and post-rock. Kranky is the musical home for bands and artists like Labradford, Low, Stars of the Lid, Tim Hecker, Pan American, Loscil, Deerhunter, Atlas Sound, Grouper and many others.

Grouper Grid Of Points Kranky
Pre-order LP: €18,99
Pre-order CD: €15,99
Loscil Monument Builders Kranky
LP: €19,99
CD: €17,99
Christina Vantzou No. 3 Kranky
2LP: €23,99
CD: €14,99
Loscil Plume Kranky
2LP: €25,99
CD: €17,99
Helen The Original Faces Kranky
LP: €18,99
CD: €16,99
Loscil Sea Island Kranky
2LP: €24,99
CD: €17,99
Lichens Omns Kranky
CD+DVD: €17,99