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Schwebung (German: {shveh’ -boong}) ... The beats produced by the simultaneous vibration of two sounds, especially in unisons and octaves when nearly, but not quite in tune.
Launched on June 21, 2012 by Stephan Mathieu as a platform to self-release and -distribute new solo and collaborative work on vinyl and as high-resolution files. No CDs, no MP3s, no iTunes, no Spotify, no Bit-reduction.
Schwebung celebrates 64 more years of vinyl to come: On June 21, 1948 Columbia introduced the long-playing microgroove 33.3 rpm vinyl phonograph disc developed by Peter Carl Goldmark. The LP became the standard for incorporating multiple or lengthy recorded works on a single disc for two generations.
Schwebung uses one of the best vinyl production chains available, Direct Metal..

Stephan Mathieu Folio Schwebung
Pre-order CD BOX-SET: €64,99