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Conceived in 2001 by close friends John Twells and Stef Lewandowski, Type Records opened its doors officially in 2003. From this moment on John and Stef made sure that Type shouldn't ever fall into the trap of being 'just another record label' and should never try to operate in just one area of music. Skating through crunchy indie electronics with Khonnor's 'Handwriting', minimalist piano compositions with Goldmund's 'Corduroy Road', post-rock on Sickoakes' 'Seawards' and psychedelic folk on The North Sea's 'Exquisite Idols' there is rarely a stone left unturned as the label continues to challenge and excite listeners. With an emphasis on the design coming from John and Stef's backgrounds in art, they understand that running a label isn't simply about the music, and have constructed a..

Retribution Body Aokigahara Type Vinyl
LP: 18,99 €
incl. instant DL
Nochexxx Plot Defender Type Vinyl
2LP: 21,99 €
incl. instant DL
Fluxion Vibrant Forms Type
2LP: 20,99 €
CD: 5,99 €
Rene Hell The Terminal Symphony Type
LP+CD: 16,99 €
CD: 4,49 € 5,99 €
Heavy Winged Sunspotted Type
CD: 4,49 € 5,99 €
Sylvain Chauveau Nuage Type
CD: 7,49 € 9,99 €
Skallander Skallander Type
LP: 10,49 € 13,99 €
CD: 4,49 € 5,99 €
Sylvain Chauveau S. Type
CD: 4,49 € 5,99 €