1 Mile North

Minor Shadows

Wortcunner WR002
  • 2LP : Includes Download, Ltd. to 300 copies, 180 gr White Vinyl, Heavy Gatefold Sleeve, side D contains additional material
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Available for the first time on vinyl since its release in 2003, this double-LP gatefold jacket features a beautiful matte finish and heavyweight, 180-gram white colored vinyl. Photos from the recording period span the interior of the jacket and the entire album has been remastered by James Plotkin for ultimate appreciation on vinyl.

A delicate balance of restrained minimalism and evocative six string impressions, 1 Mile North conjures up cinematic soundscapes for quiet introspection and late night nostalgia. Sedentary guitar loops and soft synth swells create backgrounds that drift with atmosphere, while subtly placed samples, suffused with melancholy, add depth and sentiment. Glass Wars and Minor Shadows are two considerable works of post rock, ambient perfection. Minor Shadows makes no secret of its inspirations, reaching out across decades of music to arrive at a synthesis of electronic sound, classical composition and spare ambience. This sonorous instrumental album divines new paths from ambient music's more considered roots, reclaiming the wasted potential of its legacy. Merciless. - Pitchfork

Side D of this introspective album collects the three tracks from Music Fellowship Records three-way split "Conduction. Convection. Radiation." released in 2004. Recommended listening for fans of Godspeed You Black Emperor, Brian Eno, Landing, Pan American.

1 Mile North: Minor Shadows

In 1983 He Loved To Fly 1 Mile North
Life Indoors 1 Mile North
Return To From Where We Came 1 Mile North
The Sick 1 Mile North
Black Lines 1 Mile North
August 8 15 1 Mile North
The Manual 1 Mile North

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