They Remixes

Houndstooth HTH046
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18+ return with their ‘They Remixes’ EP Featured artists include the distorted trap beat darling Suicideyear (prod. for Yung Lean), experimental grime producer Mr. Mitch, and the Portuguese collective Tia Maria Produções. The final feature is relatively unknown Puerto Rican artist Audri Nix, whose unofficial remix for ‘Crow’ first caught the attention of the band for its similarities to their own aesthetic and magpie-like approach to art.

18+: They Remixes

Cake (Suicideyear Remix) 18+
Nectar (Mr. Mitch Lights Off Remix) 18+
OIXU (Tia Maria Produções Remix) 18+
Crow (Audri Nix Remix) 18+
Nectar (Mr. Mitch Lights On Remix) 18+

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