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After last year's well-received comprehensive double album 'Real Life', 23rd Underpass are restlessly recording new material without sacrificing on quality. The new album 'Faces' contains Italo disco smash hits 'Tonight' and 'I Will Make You Believe', as well as more darker minimal synth/wave hits 'Faces' and 'Neo Self' and epic synth pop on 'Faces', lovingly housed between the 'Intro' and 'Outro' as used in live and DJ sets. A must-have for aficionados of the aforementioned musical genres, and not the last we have heard from 23rd Underpass!

23rd Underpass: Faces

Intro 23rd Underpass
I Will Make You Believe 23rd Underpass
Tonight (Version One) 23rd Underpass
Fire 23rd Underpass
Faces 23rd Underpass
Neo Self 23rd Underpass
Tonight (Version Two) 23rd Underpass
Outro 23rd Underpass

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