The New Today

When In Doubt DOUBT003
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Under the 2562 codename, Dutchman Dave Huismans aka A Made Up Sound has been integral to deviant dancefloors since 2007. The otherworldly yet lifelike ‘The New Today’ is 2562’s fourth album and presents his first new material in this guise since 2012’s ‘Air Jordan’ EP, which was also self-released on his When In Doubt imprint.

As with that last EP, ’The New Today’ was sketched out during a trip abroad - a six week stay in New York in late summer 2013 - and later arranged at his home studio in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Composed as a narrative collage drawing upon and splicing from an eclectic library of early European synth experiments, new age tapes, musique concrète, krautrock, post punk, obscure electro-pop and other largely forgotten and out of print music, ‘The New Today’ loosely references the novel of ideas tradition of writing as a restless, eight-track drift bolstered and propelled by his signature texturhythms.

From the humid concrète drone sphere of ‘Arrival’ through the hypnotising gyrations of ‘Terraforming’, to the airborne rhythmelodies and mercurial syncopation of ‘Vibedoctor’ and centrepiece ‘Utopia’, the tension and conflict of aural assault ‘Drumroll’ and ultimately the celestial sweep of closing chapter, ‘New Life’, it’s equally the most diffuse, cohesive and involving LP in his celebrated cache.

2562: The New Today

Arrival 2562
Terraforming 2562
Cosmic Bounce 2562
Vibedoctor 2562
Utopia 2562
Drumroll 2562
Cauldron 2562
New Life 2562

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