Ryu No Nukegara

EM Records EM1178LP
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7FO: pronounced “nana f o” in English, “nana” being seven. Ryu no Nukegara: “dragon’s husk”. These are the only difficulties you’ll encounter here. This is warm, friendly, relaxed music, very “understandable” and yet intriguing, sure to appeal to fans of electronic ambient, dub and chill-out music, as well as artists like Haruomi Hosono, Captain Ganja, La Monte Young, Equiknoxx and Tapes. The Osaka-based 7FO combines groovily sparse electronic percussion with similarly sparse dub-feel synth bass, as well as pentatonic synth and steel pan melodies, the latter with an intriguing Okinawa/Sunda/Malay feel. Sparkling dub-influenced processing and thoughtful mixing gives us a music which is trans-oceanic, warm, and enveloping. Following releases on RVNG, Bokeh Versions and Metron, 7FO's new album Ryu no Nukegara is available on LP and CD, featuring a suite of four tracks and the 20-minute title track, whose titular dragon is Asian: a potent symbol of water, strength and good luck.

“Subtle, playful. Softly spoken yet speaks volumes. This is powerful stuff! The absence of music like this is what made me start producing...” - Jackson Bailey/Tapes

“Fairy-tale of dub new-age heaven. Rainbow scenery is spread out in my brain. It’ s hard for me to get out this world for while...” - H. Takahashi

7FO: Ryu No Nukegara

Hou 7FO
Ten 7FO
Mi 7FO
Sou 7FO
Ryu No Nukegara 7FO

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