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ANTYE GREIE also known as AGF is an East German artist now living in Hailuoto, Finland.
Einzelkämpfer is her 6th full length solo album and in total the 19th album released since 1996.
As the title suggests the work investigates lone warriors from the deep sea creatures to the human individuals, the woods, our earth, achievements through solitary action and considerations about this. AGF based her thoughts and research on scientific papers, ancient and recent literature, personal emotion and created poetry in her audio composing technique “poem producing”. The result is a series of thirteen sound poems responding to her chosen theme.
“The deep bass drones will test the quality of your stereo system, the recitations have a visceral presence, and the sonic materials are subjected to an astounding assortment of electronic manipulations. But these manifold textures and timbres are assembled with care, fitting the artistic needs of each sound poem.
English and German vocals of all sorts (chanted, declaimed, sung or whispered) are layered and subjected to electronic treatment; the textures range from the abrasively industrial to the ethereal and even cosmic. Little wisps of synthesized melodies come and go, and while Greie describes the content of the CD as “irregular beats, noise and low frequencies,” several songs are beat-driven and others could be described as “glitch techno”, with implicit beats which are stretched, delayed and otherwise massaged. The low frequencies contribute a satisfying gravitas and while Greie may modestly (or humorously) call the music “noise,” it´s actually quite melodic at times.”
While her recent releases were based around beats (AGF - Words are Missing, AGF - Dance Floor Drachen, Production of Ellen Alliens Sool record, AGF/DELAY - Symptoms), the new album misses beats for the most of it and turns attention to ambient, noise, poetry and singing on experimental ground. This work is solely created and released on her own label. By doing so AGF underline the concept of a lone warrior.

AGF: Einzelkämpfer

Do Nothing Until (A Quiet Sense Of Truth Is Established) AGF 3'12''
We Break Out AGF 6'03''
Dis-Hero Equals AGF 5'51''
Einzelkaempfer AGF 5'08''
Her Beauty Kills Me AGF 5'22''
Worin mein Mund Zur Bewegung Fand AGF 5'32''
A Poem in 4 Layers AGF 3'03''
Alone In The Woods (The Fox, The Skunk And The Rabbit) AGF 5'45''
Practicing Beat Anarchy AGF 3'18''
Rhythm, Rules and Ink AGF 5'13''
In Battle AGF 3'20''
Kopffüsser (Cephalopod) AGF 5'36''
On Earth AGF 3'01''

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