Acre / Fis

Fabric Live 80 - Mumdance Album Sampler 2

Fabric 10FAB015B
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On ‘FABRICLIVE 80’, Mumdance showcased his array of tastes, from ‘weightless’ experimentalism through heavyweight grime. Four specially-commissioned exclusives from the mix are now exclusively pressed to a pair of 10”s, each limited to 300 copies.

‘Sampler 2’ sees Mancunian bass heavyweight Acre’s ‘No Signal’, whose throbs and growls generate one of the early apexes of Mumdance’s ‘FABRICLIVE 80’, whilst highly-regarded New Zealander Fis turns in ‘Branch Light’, whose sinister, murky atmospheres could be a field recording from a deserted spacecraft.

Acre / Fis: Fabric Live 80 - Mumdance Album Sampler 2

No Signal Acre / Fis
Branch Light Acre / Fis

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