African Head Charge

My Life In A Hole In The Ground

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The groundbreaking debut album from 1981 that plays on both the title and concept of David Byrne and Brian Eno's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.

Built upon sparse backing tracks constructed by Adrian Sherwood, the producer invited Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah (who had studied under Count Ossie in the rasta drumming camp at Wareika Hill in Jamaica) to lay down hand percussion patterns and breaks on top, augmented by stereo-strafed effects and the occasional burst of Sun Ra-style horns. The result is a unique mixture of traditional African rhythms, dub and free jazz.

Features DJ favourite "Stebeni's Theme" and "Far Away Chant", used to famously gruesome effect by David Lynch in the film Wild At Heart.

Re-cut at dubplates & mastering in Berlin for maximum bass pressure. Includes printed inner with sleevenotes by Steve Barker (On The Wire), plus download card for full album.

African Head Charge: My Life In A Hole In The Ground

Elastic Dance African Head Charge
Family Doctoring African Head Charge
Stebeni's Theme African Head Charge
The Race (Part 1) African Head Charge
Crocodile Shoes African Head Charge
Stone Chant African Head Charge
Far Away Chant African Head Charge
Primal One Drop African Head Charge
Hole In The Roof African Head Charge

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