Alarma Man

Alarma Man

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Do you remember Sweden? Do you remember Umeå or Luleå? Do you recall a monstrous musical potential, a feeling of the oncoming change of everything? Do you remember how this tension lost intensity, how by and by it was sacrificed to vanities, self-interest and the easy way? Can you say when rock music from Sweden did not only serve you in the best way possible, but blew you away, suprised you and shattered you and burnt you and gave you a new life? Let's cut it short: Care for another try? A zig-zagging steamroller, a turbo-boosted saviour, an apocalyptic nonchalance, Alarma Man blow all these rhetorical questions up and away. It's the answer that remains: Yes, I do. Yes, I do want more. Four fidegty young men from Gothenburgs mazy corners will give you more. In exact doses, they'll give you Everything – and a lot of it. Take Refused and Breach as a basis, take Don Caballero as an idea, teleported to 2006 and supported by the insights, results and whiplash injuries of post- and indierock's past few years. Make it big, make it fast, get a picture of what we mean – and let Alarma Man hack it apart. Yes, I do want more. Niklas Fors, Viktor Lager, Carl Fredriksson, Andreas Litfeldt – sixteen strings and a set of drums in constant motion, rapidly stirring and steadily fantastic. Skillfully blending death metal, indie pop aesthetics and hardcore, the band manages to confuse and insult these genres with speed and pure Spielfreude, making them shine again. Alarma Man are labyrinth math core, arpeggio punk and action full of action. There are what we need. Yes, I do. What was your question?

Alarma Man: Alarma Man

Sweden Sweden Alarma Man 4'13''
Cheese My Dad Alarma Man 3'07''
Fell In Love With A Woman Twice My Size Alarma Man 3'22''
I Am Eleven Years Old, I Have No Animals Alarma Man 3'08''
Signed Up For Games And Theory Alarma Man 5'43''
High Tech Towers Alarma Man 5'36''
Shut Up Or Chaque Jour Alarma Man 2'45''
This Is Not A Teaser Alarma Man 3'51''
Illuminati Alarma Man 1'27''
Viper Alarma Man 5'29''

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