Alarma Man

Love Forever

Sinnbus SR037CD
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"Forever" is a beautiful word. Where there is love there is always desperation in the air, hidden, latent, immanent. Four years ago, Alarma Man started off with nothing short of a milestone: their self-titled debut vehemently and forcefully defined so-called Math Punk - and then buried it. Mere consistence.

And now: the break. Just carrying on would hold no meaning. Alarma Man readjusted their components, realigned their orientation, refined their darker side. Less chaotic maybe, less hasty, but even more precisely shaped and considerably more striking when they erupt. The band continues exactly where they did not leave everything open, where they did not make their enormous promise. They deliver somewhere else. "Love Forever" is full of this eerie atmosphere just before dawn; removed, sober, foreboding. But still driven by skepticism and a diffuse yearning.

Alarma Man made themselves the present of change and development. Following the rough statement that is their first album, they take the liberty of picking their new tools and instruments with care and consideration. While the intermediary split EP with Knife And Ape was chock-full of screams and shouts, the are now elaborate, nonchalant vocals, chantey choirs, a second drumset constantly bickering with the still knotty guitar patterns. This is the point where the gloom is taking over, this is also the point where the shining lights stick out.

Alarma Man are back with "Love Forever", their second album. The have aged, grown more considerate. Their fever and their restlessness, however, are still here.

Alarma Man: Love Forever

Pitch Grammar Alarma Man 3'48''
Electric Flag Alarma Man 3'34''
Cabin In The Woods Alarma Man 3'28''
Arrow Alarma Man 4'20''
Nightwolf Alarma Man 5'27''
Uninterrupted Light Alarma Man 4'38''
Swedish Intelligence Alarma Man 4'38''
These Are The Mirrors Alarma Man 4'53''

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