Eyes Closed EP

Anticon ABR033CD
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The eyes closed EP is five beautifully arranged instrumental songs of filtered polyrhythmic percussion, fat chopped drums, droney synths, pretty string samples and some TV and radio overdubs with anti-imperialist / anti-consumer sentiments. Each of the five tracks stands alone, a four minute electronic pocket symphony with movements and themes, while smoothly transitioning into the next. A departure from early sample-heavy, loop-based alias productions, tracks laden with washy keyboards and eerie guitar rely more on alias’s multi-instrumental talents. Lying somewhere between ambient Brian Eno and Kraftwerk, eyes closed seems akin to Boards of Canada or early Aphex Twin while maintaining some of the boom bap of roots hiphop - at the same time rainy day contemplative and rhythmically menacing.

Alias: Eyes Closed EP

Eyes Closed Alias 4'17''
What It Used To Be Alias 3'43''
Must Consume Alias 4'03''
Dec 26th, 2002 Alias 4'33''
Things Got A Little Ugly Alias 3'42''

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