Fever Dream

Anticon ABR115CD
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Anticon founder and instrumental rap innovator Alias is reborn with Fever Dream, his sixth full-length for the label.
Fever Dream is Alias' most inspired and dynamic record in years. Spurred by the psychedelic sound and off-kilter groove of electronic experimentalists like Flying Lotus, Modeselektor and Bibio, he ditched quantized beats, embraced warmth, and set the whole thing wobbling to a warped dance pulse. Incorporating generous amounts of chopped, pitch-bent R&B vocals, plus sprinklings of live instrumentation and loads of left turns, Fever Dream is a stylistic whirlwind of hallucinatory house, homespun big beat, swinging downtempo, and melodic break music.
Second song "Wanna Let It Go" offers a mainline into the new album. Laced with soulful moans, deep bass, digital blips and swooning synths, the track can't help but nod to contemporaries like James Blake and Nosaj Thing, while the soupy, seething "Revl Is Divad" seems to pluck its particular swing from the early '90s (the title contains a hint as to specifics). "Feverdreamin" is a lush tropical breeze of a song sounding like Boards of Canada interpreting Animal Collective, and "Sugarpeeeee" is an exercise in ghostly electric R&B that goes out on some serious clang.

Alias: Fever Dream

Goinswimmin Alias 2'52''
Wanna Let It Go Alias 3'51''
Revl Is Divad Alias 3'59''
No Choice Alias 1'27''
Dahorses Alias 4'00''
Lady Lambin' Alias 4'12''
Talk In Technicolor Alias 3'22''
Feverdreamin Alias 3'25''
Boom Boom Boom Alias 4'50''
Tagine Alias 3'29''
Wrap Alias 3'50''

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