Ameel Brecht

Polygraph Heartbeat

Kraak K094
  • LP: Includes download, Edition of 300, incl. printed innersleeve
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Besides being one of the core members of the acoustic deep listening collective Razen, is Ameel Brecht a passionate and skilled guitarist. On his debut album he opens his guitar heart and composed 9 pieces for the steel resonator and mandolin. Like the body of work by Razen, the pieces are confronting in their pureness.

Clear, precise melodies breathe silence, and open a door to an undefined in-between world. Carried by a brutal and razor sharp slide, nervousness and a brooding sphere cut through the stillness. Beyond the ultra transparent lyricism hide sonic shocks that show Ameel as club dweller and as fan of the Voivod guitar player Denis D'amour.

This album shows a committed musician, using control and craftsmanship to dissect the Condition Humaine of the 21st Century.

Ameel Brecht: Polygraph Heartbeat

A Better Time Ameel Brecht
Polygraph Heartbeat Ameel Brecht
Only your Heartbeat can't be Beat Ameel Brecht
Endless Reflection Ameel Brecht
Night Borders Ameel Brecht
Minus the Bloodshed Waltz Ameel Brecht
Breakaway Ameel Brecht
Polygraph Tremors Ameel Brecht
The Banshee Ameel Brecht

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