Amon Düül

Psychedelic Underground

Klimt MJJ 386
  • LP: 500 copies, gatefold
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"Some albums just have the perfect name, and Amon Duul's debut nails that perfectly; Psychedelic Underground is music at its most experimental and relentlessly uncommercial, using late-'60s inspirations as a launching ground for what came to be described as Krautrock.

Taken from a jam session from the previous year, but treated with many studio effects that enhance the strangeness of the collection, Underground rocks to its own weird beat.

Opening track "Ein Wunderhübsches Mädchen Träumt von Sandosa" captures what sounds like a great experience for everyone involved, a 17-minute composition heavy on the drums and percussion, with a basic, chugging guitar riff in one channel and chanting, call-and-response vocals located throughout the mix.

(...) The tracks on the second side have the same understandable vibe, but some are sparer in comparison, as with the keening strummed guitar/vocal combination "Im Garten Sandosa" and "Mama Duul und Ihre Sauerkrautband spielt auf," which is mostly clattering percussion in one stereo channel! (...)" (allmusic)

Amon Düül: Psychedelic Underground

Ein Wunderhubsches Madchen Traumt von Sandosa Amon Düül
Kaskados Minnelied Amon Düül
Mama Duul und Ihre Sauerkrautband Spielt Auf Amon Düül
Im Garten Sandosa Amon Düül
Der Garten Sandosa im Morgentau Amon Düül
Bitterlings Verwandlung Amon Düül

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