Canopy Glow

Anticon ABR090CD
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With Canopy Glow’s opening salvo, “Noni’s Field,” we are introduced straight away to the topic of death. Amongst lush pile-ups of Pet Sounds harmony and Sung Tongs texture, Anathallo’s Matt Joynt and Erica Froman sing to the rafters: “We saw the sky, swarming full with the light/that the fireflies made/An accidental constellation/You, how will you go?/Out through your mouth in a sigh?/Into a space we don’t know.” It’s a surprisingly beautiful rendering of life’s most feared result: calm and considered, yet wide-eyed in approach, and colored by Kaleidoscopic detail. Canopy Glow, Anathallo’s second full-length (and first for Anticon), could be described just the same.

While 2006’s Floating World was a changeable work of broad swaths and Yes-loving rock symphonics, Canopy Glow presents the Chicago seven-piece as a band that has as much energy and inspiration as it does ownership of its sound. Following “Noni’s Field,” the guitar in “Italo” approaches like a steam engine, and when Erica’s voice rings, it’s both the melody and rhythm of the surge. Matt’s words arrive on washes of distorted chords and percussive flourish, turning the entire song into a work of tight, interlocking harmonics. Here and elsewhere, Anathallo takes a page from the Books, but applies that duo’s micro approach to this group’s very macro ability.

Anathallo: Canopy Glow

Noni's Field Anathallo 4'37''
Italo Anathallo 3'38''
Northern Lights Anathallo 3'49''
The River Anathallo 5'01''
Cafetorium Anathallo 4'03''
Sleeping Torpor Anathallo 5'23''
Lost Ring Finger Anathallo 5'14''
John J. Audubon Anathallo 3'41''
Bells Anathallo 4'39''
Tower Of Babel Anathallo 4'05''

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