Andi Otto

Bangalore Whispers

Pingipung PP52
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MD Pallavi is a South-Indian singer and one of the most prominent protagonists of the traditional music scene in and around Bangalore. Andi Otto (aka Springintgut) has collaborated with her in the past years in various theatre productions, and soon the world will hear their first track together. It's very good, and there is more to come in 2016! Otto's composition for "Bangalore Whispers" creates the spine for Pallavi's virtuoso performance of carnatic (traditional South-Indian) syllables. The track pulses on 95 bpm with an organic cluster of piano, cello and psalterium strings, over which the vocals erupt in a mesmerizing vocal solo in the middle of the track.

Andi Otto: Bangalore Whispers

Bangalore Whispers (feat. MD Pallavi) Andi Otto 3'22''

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