Stolen Years

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In August of 2011, Jonathan Lee lost the majority of the files and gear for his Anduin project in a home burglary. Stolen Years contains the remnants left from the two previous years of exploration and frustration. Sounds creep in and out of headspace, warping into strange rhythms veiled in shadowy musical themes. These rough mixes, sketches, and reworked pieces use fragments of the artist’s life in new contexts. The music and artwork is a portal to a subconscious world, a framework from which one can create endless mythos. The album includes contributions from jazz musician Jimmy Ghaphery, mastering by sound artist Lawrence English, and extensive hand-drawn, hand-screened artwork by Team Eight. Available in limited editions May 2012 from SMTG LTD.
Jonathan Lee is a musician and artist living in Richmond VA. His live performances and gallery installations as Anduin are environmental experiences that include a variety of sets, sculptures, lights, projections, sounds, and music. He has collaborated with a number of other musicians and artists including Jimmy Ghaphery, Erik K Skodvin, Dag Rosenqvist, Stephen Vitiello, Molly Berg, Stefan Nemeth, Noah Saval, John Twells, Carl Ritger, and Gareth Davis. He currently has six releases under the Anduin moniker and is working on two new audio+visual projects for 2012/2013.

Anduin: Stolen Years

Behind The Voyeur's Wall Of Glass Anduin 5'25''
I Come From Mockingbird States Anduin 4'42''
Invisible Materials At Work Anduin 5'52''
The Transformation Of Substance Anduin 4'02''
Dyadic Twenty Seven Anduin 4'41''
All The Blue Jays You Want Anduin 4'41''
A Great Canopy Of Smoke Anduin 5'08''
Irene Anduin 5'35''

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