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"Hello, I'm Angelika Koelhermann, from Hamburg, "CARE" is my first album, this was supposed to be a kind of a road movie, but just a kind. In fact, this is the fictional story of a girl living in Paris and leaving her boyfriend. She decides one day to take a train. It goes to Köln and by chance she meets a guy who makes an electronic music label and suggests her to try playing music. Then she decides to play guitar tracks for japanese young people. There is no end to this story, because the only possible end was for her to die, but she preferred not to. There is no end to this record because the only possible one would have been to remove it and everybody wanted to listen to it before."

Unofficial hint for increased confusion: the artist behind Angelika Koehlermann is a well known french artist who previously released on Gerhard Potuzniks label 'Angelika Koehlermann'. Expect lo-fi electronica pop with wonderful vocals...good for the heart...

Angelika Köhlermann: Care

Bain Bain Anne Laplantine 2'44''
Qu'est Ce Que Tu T' Souviens Anne Laplantine 7''
German Lesson Anne Laplantine 2'09''
Krokadiu Anne Laplantine 9''
You And Me Anne Laplantine 2'36''
Donde Vas Anne Laplantine 27''
Where You Are + Blue Blow Anne Laplantine 2'32''
If I Won't, I Wish Anne Laplantine 1'56''
Ilya Anne Laplantine 2'43''
Felix Anne Laplantine 15''
Kiss Anne Laplantine 3'05''
Train Anne Laplantine 35''
I Still Do Anne Laplantine 1'22''
Train Anne Laplantine 1'00''
I I' Ve To Go Anne Laplantine 2'07''
I Felt In Love Anne Laplantine 1'24''
Land Escapes Anne Laplantine 2'17''
Oiseaux Anne Laplantine 5''
Sad Anne Laplantine 2'30''
My Real Name Anne Laplantine 14''
Souvenir Anne Laplantine 1'21''
Tonight Anne Laplantine 2'17''
Need To Find Anne Laplantine 53''
Vent Anne Laplantine 26''
I Find You Again Anne Laplantine 1'07''

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