New Wave Of Nature

Black Opal BOP011
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Bewitching techno whirl via the fingertips of Annanan. Low slung basses warp around cave-dwelling kicks, the atmosphere barely lit by spiralling piano motifs and floating pads. Opening track 'New Wave Of Nature' hits this solution perfectly - off-centred drums stir an inner space of smudged and bleary synths against acid-burnt hats. The music seesaws between anxiety and funereal ecstasy constantly, where 'Bomb' is the sound of desolate grids and dead space. The B-side 'Gone' permeates the gloom with oscillating purrs and phantom chords.

Annanan: New Wave Of Nature

New Wave Of Nature Annanan 7'14''
Bomb Annanan 9'12''
Sphere Annanan 9'41''
Gone Annanan 12'06''

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