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Antti Tolvi (Fonal Records, Rauhan Orkesteri) and Lieven Martens Moana (formerly Dolphins Into The Future).

Antti is one of those who are constantly in the frontline of self-expression. Be it through playing a personally defined version of “minimal music" on piano and organ (a chancy task he achieves with brilliance), or through playing duets with käki and thunder (inquire for his self-released eponymous cassette). All plotted in a small village on the passageway between Finland and the Archipelago Sea.

The A Side (Lieven Martens Moana) is a dedication to the Estrada Do Caldeirão, in the form of a sonata. The B Side (Antti Tolvi) are imagined field recordings, “played as a river”. Both compositions are made in dialogue with each other. Encompassing a circle of thoughts towards a meditative album.

A. Lieven Martens Moana “Estrada Do Caldeirão, A Sonata”
B. Antti Tolvi “Piha, Metsä Ja Iso Mäki - Garden, Forest And Big Hill, Imagined Field Recordings"

Antti Tolvi & Lieven Martens Moana: Tolvi Moana

A Side Antti Tolvi & Lieven Martens Moana 16'20''
B Side Antti Tolvi & Lieven Martens Moana 17'21''

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