Mute Records CDSTUMM386
  • 2LP: Includes download, Red Vinyl, Gatefold Artwork
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One year after his incredible duebut album 'XEN' , Arca drops his second album. Having become something like a celebrity producer in the meanwhile, his music still stays uncompromising. But yet, Mutant is a more extroverted album than Xen, placing a larger emphasis on scorching melodies and twisted beats than his debut.

Arca: Mutant

Alive Arca
Mutant Arca
Vanity Arca
Sinner Arca
Anger Arca
Sever Arca
Beacon Arca
Snakes Arca
Else Arca
Umbilical Arca
Hymn Arca
Front Load Arca
Gratitud Arca
En Arca
Siren Interlude Arca
Extent Arca
Enveloped Arca
Faggot Arca
Soichiro Arca
Peonies Arca

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