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Born in Iran and currently living in London, Ash makes the kind of “mind-bending electronic music” (Pitchfork), which has had the cognoscenti buzzing for months.

Working mainly with his own field recordings, treating each sampled source as a physical object, Koosha squeezes, stretches, distorts and moulds units of sound before using a background in classical music - both Persian and Western - gleaned from his time at the Tehran Conservatory of Music to structure and shape the result into affecting, original and often beautiful movements - a process he calls “finding geometry in sounds.”

Koosha has already lived and done more than most artists do in a lifetime, not least being imprisoned in Iran for his music and having to seek asylum in the UK. More important to him are his current activities, from film and synaesthetic experiments to FACT Albums of the Year and support from the likes of Run The Jewels and Empress OF, to an interest in virtual reality which will lead to a world’s first VR “experience” of his new album, at special ‘viewings’ next year. His process sounds technical and the results are both destructive as well as constructive, but the resulting album I AKA I is also fundamentally human, and that’s set to take Koosha to a whole new level.

Ash Koosha: I AKA I

sample 01 Ash Koosha
sample 02 Ash Koosha
sample 03 Ash Koosha
sample 04 Ash Koosha
sample 05 Ash Koosha
sample 06 Ash Koosha
sample 07 Ash Koosha
sample 08 Ash Koosha
sample 09 Ash Koosha
sample 10 Ash Koosha
sample 11 Ash Koosha
sample 12 Ash Koosha
sample 13 Ash Koosha
sample 14 Ash Koosha
sample 15 Ash Koosha

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