Things That Just Happen

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  • LP: ltd., 200 grm vinyl with insert and printed drawings.
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'things that just happen' is the 2nd full length release by the duo of ashley paul and eli keszler. a longstanding collaboration, this record incapsulates a merging of the off kilter, quiet and fragile song based work of ashley with the decisive and material based sound which can be seen in the duos live performances. the album begins with and is framed by a multi part suite of pieces based around bowed crotales and saxophone. simple in materials, with no electronic processing, the overtone and harmonics produced by the duo is both isolating, rich, alien and challenging. meanwhile, songs creep in throughout the record, featuring ashley and eli's guitar duos and responsive and dynamic saxophone and drum set accompanying ashley's singing. things that just happen is a powerful take on the unusual dynamic of song based melody, and psycho acoustic experimentation.

Aster: Things That Just Happen

S1 Aster 4'50''
Secrets and Lies Aster 4'26''
Glorious Morning Aster 1'46''
S2 Aster 5'59''
S3 Aster 6'46''
Stalactites Aster 3'14''
S4 Aster 3'18''

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