Warp Records WARPLP17R
  • 2LP: Includes download, Gatefold, Download incl. bonus live material
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Warp present the the first three full length offerings from Autechre, Incunabula, Amber & Tri Repetae. Having been unavailable on vinyl since 2001, these recordings reveal the geometry of the duo's early transcripts from post-acid house electronica through sparse, hypnotic ambience and into the b-boy flavour that characterised their mid-nineties excavations of jungle, industrial and hip-hop.

Autechre: Incunabula

Kalpol Introl Autechre
Bike Autechre
Aut Riche Autechre
Bronchus 2 Autechre
Basscadet Autechre
Eggshell Autechre
Doctrine Autechre
Mafti Autechre
Windwind Autechre
Lowride Autechre
444 Autechre

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