Amplified Presence

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David Newman’s work as an artist and label owner has always quietly amazed me and been a source of great inspiration, but his most recent record marks David out as one of the most talented, unique and wild (yes, wild) artists around. Autistici’s ‘Amplified Presence’ is one of the most expansive and deeply imaginative works we’ve heard in a long time. Throughout the ten pieces, David highlights an incredibly intense awareness and placement of a variety of sounds, which is perhaps one of his great trademarks or signatures. Where the album really caught me personally was in its sheer playfulness and the wonderful, almost child-like, melodies that spring forth throughout the entire record. It is a very rare talent indeed to at once be so intense, detailed and intelligent, whilst having something so dripping in melody that it takes a good few listens to really take on board just how rich in detail and development this record is. As a personal hero of mine, its incredibly exciting and humbling that David has given us the chance to release this incredible next step on the Autistici journey.

Autistici: Amplified Presence

Automated Night Light Autistici 2'02''
Bed Of Powdered Glass Autistici 4'04''
Religion Of Water And Air Autistici 7'10''
Vocal Chords Autistici 4'04''
Attachment Type Autistici 5'04''
Sixteenth Autistici 3'47''
Tower Location Autistici 5'32''
Slow Rotor Sensory Loop Autistici 3'40''
Field Autistici 11'35''
Slow Fluorescence Autistici 4'48''

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