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"There’s a real sense of disorientation through awkward machine polyrhythms and softly grinding sampled abrasions. Amongst the complex patter of percussion are some brighter, dronier elements like the chill chord walls on ‘Simultaneite 3’ and the more looming murk on ‘Simultaneite 1’. Some pretty danceable grooves too, which would get you dancing if anyone were brave enough to drop ‘Transport 2’ in a club, with its unevenly bouncing kicks sounding like a great breakbeat or dare I say IDM track. If IDM wasn’t the snobbiest genre tag on earth. This one has a great throwback feel to the glory days of Selected Ambient Works, til the end when it devolves into whirring bassy noise loops. Brilliant. It’s only his debut album too."

Automatisme Accumulations: Mementform

Transport 1 Automatisme Accumulations
SimultanA_itA_ 3 Automatisme Accumulations
Transport 2 Automatisme Accumulations
Simultaneite 1 Automatisme Accumulations
Transport 3 Automatisme Accumulations
Simultaneite 4 Automatisme Accumulations

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