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A supplement to the album “The Humbucking Coil” released by the Vienna based sound- and songwriter Bernhard Fleischmann in February this year. Or should I say an echo? Because like the album this two-track-vinyl is also made of space, space to breathe and space to grow. „frisky he said“ is a nearly meditative piano pattern, gradually surrounded by mister Fleischmann's typical clicking rhythm structures. “Gain”, which was in an alternative version also part of “The Humbucking Coil”, starts with a minimal organ tune, followed up by a laid back guitar. Once more this reduced melody is completed by tricky adjusted beats. Digital and analogue, closely-woven and wide open.

The digital version of “Frisky he said” comes with alternative mixes of the tracks “broken monitors” and “from to”.

B. Fleischmann: Frisky He Said

Frisky He Said B. Fleischmann 3'53''
Broken Monitors (Single Version) B. Fleischmann 6'15''

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