• MC: 5x5" box with full color printing, interior color printing, 10x10" fold out insert, and 3 small color inserts
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Cassette version of the 2016 album by Barnett + Coloccia, originally released on LP by Blackest Ever Black. Exercises in sustained tension manifested through voice, synth and various electroacoustic practices. Art and design by Faith Coloccia. Comes housed in a 5x5 oversized cassette box with full color printing, interior color printing, a 10x10" fold out color insert, and 3 small color inserts.

"Building each piece using a healthy amount of analog synthesizers and vocal manipulations, Barnett + Coloccia manage to create a very specific feeling throughout Weld, one loaded with a sense of looming dread and pending doom that serves to heighten the overall listening experience past mere passivity.
Like the best the films horror genre has to offer, Weld deals in the experiential, loaded with moments of calm serenity and abject dread that threaten to burst open at any moment. It’s within this aural emotional tug-of-war that Barnett + Coloccia succeed most in getting under the listener’s skin, crafting a series of sound collages that paint shadowy pictures in the mind." - Popmatters

Barnett + Coloccia: Weld

Truth Teller Barnett & Coloccia
Dreamsnake Barnett & Coloccia
Healer Barnett & Coloccia
Blight Barnett & Coloccia
AM Horizon Barnett & Coloccia
Rose Eye Barnett & Coloccia
Agate Cross Barnett & Coloccia
Ash Grove Barnett & Coloccia

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