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Faith Coloccia and Alex Barnett return to Blackest Ever Black with their second duo album, Weld; working with synthesizers, affected vocals, raw electrical noise, field recordings, EVP techniques, tape manipulation and drum machines to create a music at once lucid and mystic.

Its songs embody various experiential philosophies and objectives: searching for the sacred in the forgotten and supposedly useless; exploring the meaning of "natural"; listening for the pulse of the ancient; using technology both to materialise memory and to dream a folklore for a future age.

Weld speaks its own distinctive dream-language, but we would certainly recommend it to anyone enamoured of the brittle sci-fi synth-scapes in Caroline K's Now Wait For Last Year, the amorphous electronics of Beatriz Ferreyra's recent work, Conrad Schnitzler's more gothic moments, and even the gravest metaphysical reckonings of a Stockhausen or a Rozmann.

Barnett & Coloccia: Weld

Truth Teller Barnett & Coloccia
Dreamsnake Barnett & Coloccia
Healer Barnett & Coloccia
Blight Barnett & Coloccia
AM Horizon Barnett & Coloccia
Rose Eye Barnett & Coloccia
Agate Cross Barnett & Coloccia
Ash Grove Barnett & Coloccia

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