Barra Head

We Are Your Numbers

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Their choice of means economical, their commitment and impact staggeringly limitless. In this way, Barra Head tenderly pack stages and media with music. Independently and self-sufficiently, this trio from Copenhagen has been designing its history since the early nineties. They pull their own strings and with a firm but gentle touch keep control over sounds, structures and outbursts. Marvellously illustrating this point, the Danes' second album »We Are Your Numbers«, is due to hit southern countries shortly before summer. Lacking dispensable gimmicks and charged with a zest for variation, »We Are Your Numbers«, in all its complexity, accurately comes to the point. Three instruments, cleverly nested, put every tone and note in its place. In front of the gnarly backdrop, voice and melodies in full bloom accentuate and intensify. Time and again, Barra Head tear holes into catchy movements. They pause, play, pause, play, falter for seconds on top of the cliff, before confidently and furiously throwing themselves into the deep. Imagine Karate, upfront and outspoken. Imagine Don Caballero finding sincere delight in song. Barra Head control the instant and master both gentle salvation and chiseled rhythmic studies. Already, the cover of their new record promises the chase for horizons and the infinite open on the one, exact control over form and content on the other hand. Jacob Hvitnov, Arvid Gregersen and Mikkel Jes Hansen manage to keep these and many other promises.

Barra Head: We Are Your Numbers

Overseas Barra Head 3'34''
The Discipline Of Making Sense Barra Head 6'07''
Spy Barra Head 4'35''
All Is Not Lost Pt. 2 Barra Head 3'51''
We Are Your Numbers Barra Head 6'09''
Unthinkable Barra Head 5'51''
Talking To A Liar Barra Head 4'28''
Kill The Lights Barra Head 4'42''
The Usual Standstill Barra Head 2'46''
Neighbour Barra Head 5'24''

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