Beach House

Depression Cherry

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  • LP: Textile (Velvet) Artwork, incl. CD
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On Beach House’s fifth album Depression Cherry, Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally strip back the booming drums and loud, large-scale production of 2012’s Bloom and return to a more simplified take on dream pop. The impressionistic guitars and synths are still pushed to the front, but there is a greater emphasis on melodic songwriting and the interplay of instrumentation here, from the downbeat pop songwriting of ‘Bluebird’ to the sublime balladry of ‘Wildflower’.

Beach House: Depression Cherry

Levitation Beach House
Sparks Beach House
Space Song Beach House
Beyond Love Beach House
10_37 Beach House
PPP Beach House
Wildflower Beach House
Bluebird Beach House
Days of Candy Beach House

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