Play It To Death

Sinnbus SR023
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The game is up and running. Beach, a guitar/bass/drums trio from Berlin, release their second album and finally become a part of sinnbusrecords. With its shattered rock mannerisms and well-structured arrangements, filigree and massive stone, »Play It To Death« is a vehement prototype of what rock music can be today. It shows how it can and how it should break with stereotypes and still be damn serious about itself. How it may send and receive, how it may shake and shatter and drive itself the hardest.

Beach are dry and concise, firmly reduced to their given means, and so they can be both a brutal blow to the face and a fragile and vulnerable network of craving. They bare their souls over fractured beats, they accompany their impact resistant riff contructions with crushed dreams and wishes. Time and again, »Play It To Death« is a witness to a desperate desire, a desire that can only find disappointment in the shallow waters of our times, but that will not cease to remain firm and stoical, resisting any form of blunt reasoning. Everything has to keep falling apart. Fulfillment means arrival means standstill means death.

On Beachs debut record »2nd Hand Cannibal«, their anger was constantly boiling, thus prone to quick evaporation. »Play It To Death«, in contrast, restrains its anger until it aches, swallowing and pressing scorn and desperation down to turn excess pressure into energy that is powerful and present, even during the albums softest parts. Beach have discovered what keeps driving them. They have found methods to set the direction. And together, they muster the strength to maneuver this giant of desperation, pressure and vehemence towards its destination

Beach: Play It To Death

Timer Beach 2'56''
Pray Or Pay Beach 4'04''
Glass Container Beach 3'48''
A Shape On Tape Beach 3'39''
Decode Beach 4'29''
Subtalk Beach 3'27''
Mimi Cries Beach 4'20''
Linear Beach 4'40''
Capture The Flag Beach 6'36''
Spare Parts Beach 5'41''

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