Beat Detectives

Climate Change

Not Not Fun NNF 315 LP
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Climate Change marks Minneapolis/Brooklyn block party brain-scrambler trio Beat Detectives’ debut on the vinyl format after a splatterpaint trail of tapes for the 1080p, 100% Silk, Where To Now, Moon Glyph, and Night People labels.

Their time is now. The album’s 14 cuts coast and crunk within a Quaalude Quadrangle of blasted dub (“Roaring Lion”), cro-magnon acid (“Reward Card,” “Three Pointer”), hijacked funk (“Dead Girl At A Party,” “Sands Of Slime”), and smeared low rider bass grease (“Magic Island Ripper,” “When You Wake Up”), spliced with speaker-blown samples and singer Oakley Tapola’s dazed, glazed vocals. Rhythm constructionists Aaron Anderson and Chris Hontos channel a fried, psychedelic Friday vibe, in service to a higher cause: “Push it towards something else.” Something temporary, something ripping, something more than the sum of its parts – Climate Change congeals Beat Detectives’ mixtape-you’d-find-in-the-trunk mission statement into a positive journey of swap meet magic and melted body music. Change or be changed.

Black vinyl LPs in whacked fontmanship jackets designed by Anderson; mastered by Collin Gorman Weiland.

Beat Detectives: Climate Change

Roaring Lion Beat Detectives
Something Temporary Beat Detectives
Reward Card Beat Detectives
Dead Girl At A Party Beat Detectives
Magic Island Ripper Beat Detectives
Battery Life Beat Detectives
Psychic (interlude) Beat Detectives
Intro Beat Detectives
Something Rippin Beat Detectives
Napoleon Hat Beat Detectives
Three Pointer Beat Detectives
Sands Of Slime Beat Detectives
When You Wake Up Beat Detectives
New Chilled Funk Five Beat Detectives

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