Beattie Cobell

Treatment Works

More Than Human MTH010LP
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Beattie Cobell are a live electronic duo from south east London. They've explored sound together for over nine years and are developing into a symbiotic unit of rhythm and noise generation. Using digital and analogue hardware, they improvise tracks that grow from abstract oddities into full-on psychedelic euphoria.

‘Treatment Works’ developed as a psycho-geographical journey through a landscape of shared experiences and memories. The eight tracks manifested themselves from lengthy periods of improvisation and conversation. They document an attempt at liberating self expression between the creators. Controlling electronics in an exploratory way, achieving a cognitive union when the sounds transcend expectations.

For lovers of Black Dice, Faust, Cabaret Voltaire, Cluster & John Chowning.

Beattie Cobell: Treatment Works

Ball Games Beattie Cobell
Catford Dogs Beattie Cobell
Lee Beattie Cobell
Smiths Harrassment Beattie Cobell
Glo Day Beattie Cobell
Blackheath Standard Beattie Cobell
Gate Clock Beattie Cobell
No Ball Games Beattie Cobell
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