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In the years preceding his experimentation as BLACK DEVILl, BERNARD FEVRE released a modicum of impressive, multi-dimensional library records. Suspense is an album of cinematic, proto-electro vignettes tied together with tense, dramatic melodies befitting of its title. Anthology is proud to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of this legendary work with its maiden reissue. Released at the same time is the first reissue of Cosmos 2043, a wild, science fiction-themed library LP where Fèvre imagines a far future populated by space-age electronics in lush, vivid measure.

Bernard Fevre: Cosmos 2043

Space Team Bernard Fevre
No 59018 Bernard Fevre
Central Way Bernard Fevre
Satellite 33 Bernard Fevre
Ronde Interstellaire Bernard Fevre
Cimes Eternelles Bernard Fevre
Le Monde Avait 5 Ans Bernard Fevre
Moon Heart Bernard Fevre
Sunshine on March Bernard Fevre
Stars Away Bernard Fevre
Earth Message Bernard Fevre
2043 Bernard Fevre
Odyssee Bernard Fevre

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