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  • EP: Incl. postcard
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Dark Entries release the sophomore EP from Bézier entitled “Telomeres.” Bézier is the moniker of SF local musician Robert Yang who also is part of the illustrious Honey Soundsystem crew. “Telomeres” is the follow up to Bézier’s debut EP “Ensconced”, released in 2013. The title relates to themes of time, science, analytics and procedures. Musically, Bézier incorporates his influences for the record by reinterpreting the refrains of Spanish new wave and Italo disco before plunging into the underground styles of synth-punk and industrial. These six tracks were written, produced and mixed by Bézier at his home studio in San Francisco between 2014 and 2015 with tracks that debut his own vocals.

All songs have been mixed by Mark Pistel (of Meat Beat Manifesto fame) at Room 5, San Francisco and EQed for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. The vinyl comes housed in a jacket featuring an illustration by in-house designer Eloise Leigh riffing on early 80s computer graphics on matted sleeve to resemble the side panels of early computing instruments like Macintoshes or the Commodore 64. Each LP includes a postcard with a photograph of actual telomeres captured by a microscope camera by the Blackburn Lab at UCSF. “Telomeres” are life’s building blocks where the ends of the chromosomes lengthen or reduce and determines the host’s lifespan. Reflected in this music on this theme is an investigation of the future in which time elongates as well as shortens.

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